One Of A Kind Floral Designs

Since I sculpt each petal by hand, every blossom is unique. Flowers can be customized to reflect your style, theme, and colors.

Clay Flowers Are Always In Season

You won't pay a higher price for flower varieties that are "out of season". And, these blooms won't brown or wilt in the heat!

Lightweight And Portable

DECO clay craft flowers are light enough for hair clips, cake toppers, and much more. They also travel well to destination weddings.

Early And Lasting Beauty

Eliminate stress by receiving your flowers before wedding week! They will be gorgeous for your big day and a keepsake for years to come.

Recent Blog Posts

Billie Holiday’s Iconic Gardenias

You’ve probably seen gardenias tucked in to a bride or a celebrity’s hair many times. But did you know that Billie Holiday is the woman who made wearing gardenias in your hair classic? If you’re not familiar with Billie Holiday, she was an American jazz/blues singer
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Exploded Flowers

I am in love with Fong Qi Wei’s 2011 photography series titled “Exploded Flowers“. I stumbled across them this morning while searching for photos of deconstructed blossoms. Just had to share his amazing work. He has a three prints available for purchase at Lux Archiv
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What Do You Use?

I’m going through a bit of a purge phase (e.g., sorting through old books, clothes, supplies, etc.). It has me wondering why I keep things I adore tucked away? I have some lovely items packed in boxes because I don’t want them to “get broken”. I never even look
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Feeling Bad (About Your Work) Is Good

Ira Glass, of This American Life, gives such sage advice for anyone who makes things that I had to share this video with you. When you’re struggling with a technique, when you’re disappointed in a design, when you break a piece because you pushed it further than it was mea
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